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mumbai points of interest



Mumbai prominently know to be called as the City of Dreams and also known to be as the city of Seven islands. A city which never sleeps and is also the lifeline city of India. The Financial Capital of India. A well known place for the tourist attraction in India. Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra. A city of experience and also demands to be much more experienced.

The very unique think of Mumbai is that Mumbai is a city of diversity. Which has a huge population among other states in India. People of different caste, creed and religion are all settled happily and securely staying in Mumbai. Which also includes rich, poor, film artist, day labor, grand malls and big shops. THERE ARE MANY


Mumbai also has a good view points to visit in which includes beaches, parks, island, forts. For the tourist around there are good number of tourist places in Mumbai. The places to visit in  Mumbai are much of more than tourist attraction. With the tourist attraction, the Mumbai the city has gained its prominence.

History Of Mumbai

The origin of Mumbai has its own story. The city was named as Bombay.That came from the seven island that constituted Mumbai which was a home for the people from fishing communities. For years and years this island were under the control and also surveillance of the Portuguese and also British East India company. In 1845 Bombay was transformed in to the major shipping port of the Arabian Sea. Later Bombay in the 19th century it stared with the development of the economic and educational level. By reaching till the 20th century the city started gaining ts strong base for the independence movement . Soon after the independence the city got up its name as Bombay state. The city again got its new name Mumbai in 1996. The tourism in Mumbai is much of more attraction.

And quite after that it was very fast and soon that Mumbai came to be known as the Financial Capital in India. The major financial sector like RBI and other important stock exchanges are headquartered in Mumbai. Even major MNCs have their presence headquartered in Mumbai for India.


Places to visit in Mumbai

In Mumbai there are many interesting places to visit . For sightseeing and also for spending some of the quality time with your friends and family.  Mumbai is always a city of wonders. Or rather in Hindi also called as Mayanagari .Mumbai witnesses large proportion of visitors all over the year. People who come here for sightseeing as well as employment opportunities are much of more than any other places in India. The places to visit in Mumbai are all among those which have gained their prominence. The places to visit in Mumbai are many of this as follows.


Tourist places in Mumbai

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.



Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus is the one of the historic monument of the Country. It is a historic railway station. It is also recorded by the UNESCO world heritage monument in Mumbai. Main point of attarction to visit. It is the most important railway station in India. It was also designed by Frederick William Stevens. The station was named as Victoria Terminus.  The station name was further and then changed as Chhatrapati Shivaji MaharajTerminus in March 1996. The Station new name was founded and kept the name of the legendary king of Maharashtra Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It is among of the largest and the biggest station in India. With many railway tracks and also with many platforms in it. It is among of the popular and the most famous attraction points in Mumbai for the tourist. The Station has also been location for the movies like Jai Ho and Slumdog Millionaire.

Gate way of India – Best tourist place in Mumbai.

mumbai tourist places, tourist places in mumbai

Mumbai tourism with all details

Gateway of India is of the main tourist attraction of the Mumbai. It also has a prominence and importance of the tourist attraction near the Mumbai. The great length of the gateway of India also shows the height and glorious story of the gate way.It is a heritage of India. It is the crown of India headed in Mumbai. It was build by the Britishers as the start and the main gate to enter inside the India . It is located in the near the Colaba South Mumbai.  it was constructed in 1924. It is among the one of the most unique heritage and the important landmark in Mumbai. The monument was build by the king George and queen Mary. People and tourist around come here and have a wonderful evening and enjoy the climate and the superb view. And remove the stress of work from their life. Gateway of India has visitors in all the months and all season for the time. There are no limit of the period for the tourist for the attraction of the gateway of India.

Elephanta caves


The elephant caves are the most historic monuments. They are also atop of the tourist attraction for the visitors in Mumbai.  The Elephanta cave is 10 km distance away from the gate way of India. The monument represents cave that resembles to lord Shiva. The magnificent hall at the Elephanta Cave leaves with good carving and ahistoric symbol. Which consist of the Buddhist idols and a part of the Hindu. It is apart of the main tourist attraction in Mumbai, which also shows the Culture and heritage of the city.

Beaches in Mumbai

Mumbai is based on the western coast of the India surrounded by the Arabian sea. So there are a number of beaches which are surrounded by the Mumbai. Mumbai is the place to visit which has a good number of beaches to visit and share some peaceful time with the beaches. As it is Mumbai which is covered and surrounded by the sea around. The beaches are of the good attraction for the tourist and also for the localities. The Beaches in Mumbai are also too be considered as the one of the best and the most identified location for the film shooting. Having a walk along with your lovely family or friends along in the beach side create a good feel and a lovely time with your family. Along with that walk on the beach and having panipuri or ragadapattis would make your day in beach good. The prominent and the most popular beaches are juhu chowpatty, Marve, Aksa and so on.

Chowpatty beach

Chowpatty beach is known as chaupati is among of the top known beaches in Mumbai. Formerly it was known as the “Chau pati” means Four channels. The beach is not just a tourist point, it is also a placefordevotion as well as were they are even noted for the Ganesh Visarajan. It is also among the places were the Ramlila skit mostly takes place. It is a wonderful place where you can enjoy the sea breeze and also walk along with your loving family and friends to accompany you by having the pani puri, ragada pattis, pavbhaji and so on. It is also a best place for a leisure time. It is a time of when which you can spare the sometime for yourself and feel relaxed walking in the beach sand.

Juhu beach

juhu beach

Juhu beach in India is among of the most famous Indian beaches. It is also internationally recognized beach and a well-known beach among It is a beach which is almost and most off fully crowded beach among all others. It is situated in the Vileparle. Juhu beach area is a posh area, where people of high standard reside by and were as most of the celebrity and their family reside by. It is most common to find the celebs to see jogging and walking near the sea shore in the morning.For tourism, too Juhu beach has its own dignity. Because of its peaceful ambience and good atmosphere. There are also also extravagant and also posh hotels nearby the beach were as it become convince for the tourist to stay nearby the beach and also enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach nearby.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive

Marine Drive situated near the marine lines railway station is very much of adjacent to the station and nearby. It is a posh area and also very beautiful place to visit in the south Mumbai . The actual name of the place is Netaji subhash chandra bose but it is rarely known to the people. It is also seen to be as, C shaped concrete lane along the coast. Marine drive is also known as the Queen necklace, because while having a view at it in the night it shines likes ad resemble like a necklace shaped. Because of the shine that takes place around it at the night. It is perfect place to have a walk with your loved ones were as you can sit with them enjoy and capture some of the memorable time with them near the sea view.

Nehru planetarium











Nehru planetarium is a educational place to visit were it is among of the top indias first planet studies. It was laid and founded by the name of the First Prime minister of India. Mr Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.  Nehru Planetarium has its  presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune. The sky theater shown in the jawahrlal nehru planetaruim is very popular and attract more than 200000 visitors per year. Nehru Planetarium is a place which also has its prominence and importance in the education sector. It is also a place where the historic and knowledge can be gained about the galaxy and the solar system. They also show videos of the historic period and the olden age living styles of our ancient forefathers.

Gardens in Mumbai

Yes Mumbai too also has a good number of gardens. Where as we can go, and spent out a good and leisure time with our family.It is also the main tourist places in Mumbai.Is the best places to visit in Mumbai. In fact of being the very busy city all around but still the city has a good number of gardens were as you can go and enjoy the lush greenery which make you feel better. Along with that More over you can enjoy and get some fresh air in between the big trees and lush grass around. The gardens too have a good and a huge playground for the children to roam around and also too play without having any boundaries and limitation. Even the people of different age visit the garden very often.

Hanging Garden

Pherozeshah Mehta Garden

The hanging garden name too only tells and conveys about the garden well. It is also known as Pherozeshah Mehta Garden. It is a perfect place to relax and spend some of the quality time with your family and friends. Away from the hustle and bustle city life. A perfect place for the kids to roam around. Entering inside the garden only is a pleasing experience by seeing the variety of flowers and trees welcoming them around the gate. For attraction, there are animal shaped hedges around the park. A perfect place for capturing pictures with your loved one sand for safeguarding those images for the future memory always create an aroma in your mind. Nearby is the Arabian ocean for a perfect sunset view.

Kamla Nehru Park


Kamla Nehru Park is situated in the top of the Mumbai Malabar hill and is named kamala Nehru park the name of the wife of Nehru. It is spreaded over a 4000 sq ft area and also provides a good sight viewing experience of the city Mumbai. Kamla Nehru Park is most of visited by the children and is also visited and also has a good crowd of the people visiting there. The park is also well maintained with a cool atmosphere and a good pleasing aroma around. Kamal Nehru Park is also famous for the good attractions such as Boot house,significance, and with also the nearby attractions around. The Boot house is among of the one of the biggest attraction for all.

Sanjay gandi national park


Sanjay gandi national park  is allocated in the western suburbs of Mumbai in Borivali east. It is named as sanjay gandi national park . It is enriched with a lot of natural beauty and also with the wild life resources. Sanjay gandi national park is a place were in as there are 2 million of visitors visiting across the world every year. It is covered with lush green marvels and historic monuments around,historic, geographical, ecological and artistic significance. It also covers the ancient Buddhist caves around. Its very huge and widely spreaded over.

Mumbai amusement parks

In Mumbai there are also a lot of amusement parks which are also a good source of education to the kids. So thus by that they canbe close and nearby the nature earth. The amusement park has  a wide and also a good amount of the knowledge to be shared. The amusement park. The Mumbai amusement parks offers a lot of unlimited fun for all those who like to be interested with the unlimited fun. The Mumbai amusement parks too have been also designed in much and such of a way were as in it attracts even the kids mind to go again and again there.

Essel World


Essel world is the first largest amusement park in the Asian sub continent and the biggest amusement park in Mumbai. It is located in the Gorai, Mumbai since 1989.Is the best place to visit in mumbai. Essel is divided into two parts of the segments which constitutes of the Essel world the amusement park and the water kingdom. Essel world is the one of the; largest amusement park in the country. It is also the first and the largest amusement park in Asia. They have a wide range of rides along for the different age groups, Children, aged, and Young. They too have some rides which will blow you up. Like which consist of Roller coaster, thunder etc so. They also have ice skating for the experience in the ice floor. Also, along with the floor for the Rain Dance. With all these wonderful rides and experience no one would feel of going out from Essel world. The Hindi line of the add in essel world as it goes “Essel world jaungamei, ghar nei aunga mei”.

Water kingdom


Waterkingdom is a part of the Essel World the largest amusement park ever. It is the largest water theme park. Is among the main tourist places in India. The best place to enjoy the water rides and the splash of the water. It is a best place for the tourist to come around and also hangout with their loved ones.. The rides in the water theme park are of the pronounced ones and full of thrilling experiences. The waterkingdom proposes and has some wonderful attraction in the water theme park which includes. Coaster,  braztone, The lagoon, Gofers lagoon and also the slides adventure Amazonian. The sliding in the water bay and in to the pools of the water park along with your loved ones provides you an unforgettable memory.

Adlabs imagica

Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs imagica is a wonder theme park situated in the Kholpoli in the way of the mumbai pune express highway. It is the second theme park in Mumbai which is after Essel world. Adlabs Imagica is a place for fun, entertainment and a perfect place to spent some quality time with your family and friends. Adlabs imagica is has been situated in the 300 acre land.Is among of the main points of interest in Mumbai to visit. Adlabs imagica opened in April 2013  and can also accommodate more than 20,000 people in a while. The park consist of the water, theme ,  Snow rides.  The rides in the theme parks are the best for the tourist attraction in Mumbai. The rides are at their heights and also offer a total different experience to the visitors in the theme park. Along with the new rides and rain dance and thus so they have a good range of visitors along the year.


Mumbai is a city of wonders. Mumbai is also prominently known as the hub of Bollywood Film industry in India. Mumbai Film city is an integrated film studio complex in the part of the Goregaon. The interior of the film city is constructed with beautiful lakes parks and wonderful fountain. The Filmcity also comprises of the properly constructed in house recording and shooting for the Bollywood movies. The Film city was constructed by Maharashtra Govt and also provides offers and concession for the Indian Film Industry. It is also considered to be as the one of the best film city across.

The Film city too is also named to be as the Dadsaheb Phalke Nagar in the memory of the legend. The Film city too is connected to the all the modes of transport. As it is situated in the heart of the city.

Religious places in Mumbai

Despite the tourist places in the Mumbai. The religious places too have its own prominence and importance. Mumbai being a secular city has its own heritage. A place where people of different caste and creed stay together with love and harmony. There are places for devotion for all the caste. It has existence of all religious places and is rich in terms of religious attraction too like beautiful temple, glorious mosque, serene churches and various place of worship. The name of Mumbai is also derived from the name of the goddess Mumba Devi. The lords who exist to save the city. Even tough the city is much of the most developed cities among all others, but still the city is still rich in terms of the spirituality and affection toward the almighty who created them.

Siddhi Vinayak Temple


Inspite of being a religious place but still it is among of the main tourist place in mumbai. It is one of the most busy and top temple, is also most crowded temple in Mumbai. A temple which is mostly and frequently visited by the celebrities too. Like Amitabh, Abhishek, Anil Ambani and so on.. It is a temple of the lord Ganesh. It is a swayumbu temple. Temple is a standing monument of the beautiful architecture and design. This temple was constructed in 1801. The temple is located in the western suburbs of Mumbai in Worli.

Mumba Devi temple

Mumbai as being a costal are years back . It was believed by the kolis that it is Mumbadevi who is the goddess to saves all. The temple is situated in the Mumbai and is built in the 18 century.The significant representation of the Mother Earth is found in the Mumba devi. She is worshiped with great devotion by the fisher folk called Koli.  Along with the goddess Mumba Devi there are also the idol and presence of lord Ganesh and lord Hanuman

Haji ali darga


The Dragha is a historical landmark in Mumbai. And one of the most prestigious Islamic situated in south Mumbai.It is also an imporatnt place to visit in the mumbai. The haji ali dargah is build by the muslim merchant who then later turned into a saint. It is a very wonderful experience of once being to ali dargah and be close to the creator.



How to reach Mumbai

The very much of the good and a positive fact about Mumbai is that it is well connected with all the state and other countries of the world. The Mumbai is a place were as the transport system is very smooth. To reach in Mumbai is very simple and not at all complicated. You can reach here by Airways, Waterways, Rail networks or Road ways. Mumbai is a city which is on 24/7 always. The fare charges only may differ depending on the modes of transport . The locals in Mumbai are called as the lifeline of Mumbai.

By Air : The transport system of the air route is very easy . As Mumbai is a place to where there are also enormous service of flights. The international Airport Chatrapti shivaji Maharaj International Airport is among of the top 10 airports in the world. It was earlier known to be as Sahara Airport .

The airports have been divided into 2 parts International and Domestic. The Domestic Airport is just based 5 km away from the international airport. Hotels and all other facilities are available nearby the airport.

By Rail : Mumbai has the best of the rail network available among all other stated in India. It has western , central, harbor and metro rail route networks. The CST Chatrapti shivaji terminus is the main and the center of all the station in india and mumbai. Mumbai has the best rail networks all around to connect the entire mumbai. you can check given Mumbai train map .

Mumbai Railway map


By Road: Mumbai has a good network for the road transport too. Mumbai has a public transport service system available.  Mumbai has the BEST bus service available to connect the parts of Mumbai via road routes. Which is identified with the color red.

Shopping In Mumbai

Mumbai is and always would be a top destination for the shopping experience. Mumbai is always famous for the top international brands and labels , boutiques and shopping malls. The markets are all based in suburbs and if you are good at bargaining then you can get the best deal. It is often said you will get all what you need in Mumbai. As it is covered with all the stuffs and shopping there are even multiple places which are and well know places forshopping. there are many points for shopping attractions which includes fashion street for cloths, Zaveri bazar for jewels, chor bazar is a kind off thief store.

Hotels in Mumbai

In Mumbai you can easily find all type of hotel upper class,lower class,even middle class hotels which wont cost much. And wont be so expensive. As well there are hotels which are crowned as among the best hotels available which is Hotel Taj and Oberoi hotel. And thus, so on. Staying in hotel and enjoying the rides and destination in Mumbai is totally different with unique and different experience.

Monuments in Mumbai

Mumbai being a metropolitan city is very busy and a spectacular city. Which is also treated and told as a sapno ki nagri. There are a multiple and various place for the famous monuments in the city. Mumbai city flourishes with the wide abundance of the glorious architecture sight, building, monuments. With a blend of History, Cultural and Religious influences that span its lifetime. Monuments in Mumbai are all which have their own significance and has their importance which adds prestige and emotion to get connected to the Mumbai as a whole.

map of Mumbai 

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