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Mumbai a city of dreams or also even called to be known as a paradise in India. A city which is always vibrant and ever active to always enjoy an electric mix most of the exhilarating places to visit in Mumbai. While being in Mumbai no one wants to miss an opportunity in their life to one’s visit the city of dreams and stay and enjoy some of the lovely times with their loved ones. Some places which are very much of special to visit and prominent are Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Elephanta caves and so on.

Being in the city of dreams and spending time with your friends or family. Getting a wonderful visual impact of the city which is also to be considered as of the top and among of one of the best moments in the life. Mumbai is also the Financial Capital of India. The major source of the revenue is generated from Mumbai. There are ample of MNCs and Small and medium scale industries around. Which is the backbone of any country out? Mumbai is also the capital of Bollywood Cinema.

Bollywood Cinema is mostly made and shooting is also done ion the land of Mumbai. Rather say in the very local language. It’s Amchi Mumbai.

Here is the list of top 20 Best Places to visit in Mumbai.

  1. Gateway of India.
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Mumbai tourism with all details

The entry gate to India, which was built by the British (East India Company) who have been ruling the country for around 200 years. Gateway of India is a standing symbol of pride and heritage to the country.
It is also located in the landmark whereas it is surrounded by the beautiful sea face. It is among of the top most tourist attraction in Mumbai.

2. Haji Ali


A religious place was of which is much of more prominent. In Mumbai. It is in the middle shore of the Arabian sea. It is a 400-year-old religious place of Islam. It is moreover also a religious place for attractions in Mumbai. There are also shopping and cuisines out the haji Ali space.  It is located in the prominent space of the Mumbai and thus so it makes the place easily reachable and accessible to get there.

3 . Juhu Beach

juhu beach

It is one of the most famous beaches in Mumbai. The beach is also often a very popular and mostly known as the perfect location for film shootings. It is also a most important beach in Mumbai. Visitors all over the country travel to Juhu beach thus so, to enjoy the leisure time with family and friends. There are also many amusement attraction provided to the visitors out there for the tourist. Which includes horse riding, dancing monkeys etc.

4 . A day tour of Mumbai ( Mumbai Darshan )

A day tour of Mumbai was is so special, that it covers up the major part if of the Mumbai and also provides a small glimpse of the popular city, which is the heart of India. The tour of the day covers the temples, beaches, parks, shooting locations, parks etc.
A close view of the Arabian sea is also a one if the most memorable and valuable site around.

5. An excursion around Mumbai

Traveling around Mumbai is always special by visiting the more and more trendier places in Mumbai. Mumbai is also rightly called and said to be as a city of dreams, A city which is always awake. Mumbai even never sleeps and at night the Mumbai seems to be much of more beautiful.

A small walk with your loved ones makes the time spent by you more meaningful and fabulous. The areas which are

  • covered are
  • Beaches
  • Parks
  • Zoos
  • Cinema

6. Mumbai Food tour 

Mumbai is a city of versatile differences and different cultures. People from various creed stay along together. Due to this the food variety option in Mumbai is very high. You get to taste and have varieties of food. Even the street food available in the marketplace are very popular.

7 . Marine drive

Marine Drive

Also, known as queen’s necklace. It is a c shaped place were as a perfect location for the tourist to visit. It is a located closely near to the Churchgate stn. The place is very much of best and suitable for a morning walk and a perfect evening walk. Where as by you can spend some the quality best time of yours with our love ones.

8. Film city on Goregaon

The Bollywood industry has its roots own in Mumbai. Major of all the film shooting, production houses and all are based in Mumbai. Bollywood star, directors and all are well settled in Mumbai. Goregaon film city is among the oldest and still having its legacy. it was founded by Dada Shaheb, who was a renowned actor, director. it spread among a large area surface. A day would be also not enough to complete the sightseeing. The film city has parks, gardens, ponds etc.

9. Elephanta Cave

It is a lord Shiva-dedicated temple is a magnificent structure full of halls, courtyards, shrines and pillars with a 6m tall statue of a three-f. Island is definitely one where you must visit to witness some spectacular and serene sights. Aced Sadhashiva depicting lord Shiva who is the destroyer, creator, and preserver of the universe.

10. Siddhi Vinayak temple


Mumbai is no just a tourist city. It is also a city which is also rich in its heritage and religious belief. Mumbai has many temples and spiritual places. Siddhi Vinayak temple is amongst of the one. Which is not just temple which is rich in terms of monetary but also in believes of a large number of the devotee who comes there with many ample of prayers. It is also among of the top richest temple in India.

11.  Essel world


It is the first and the largest theme park in Asia. It was build up by the zee group. It was built in the 90’s. Essel world has a world class facilities and also the best theme park in India. With its hilarious wonder rides like thunder, rollercoaster, Manik chand enterprise. It also entertains 10,000 customers on a daily basis. It is open 365 days a year.

12. Mumbai dabbawallas 

Mumbai’s visit is always incomplete if you have not seen the Mumbai dabbawallas. The word dabbawallas in Hindi simply means to tiffin carriers. They are also the important source of attraction seeing a crew of men caring head sort of luggage’s on their heads. Which are not just luggage’s but food items? The food which is homemade is to be taken to the offices.

13. Dharavi Slums

Dharavi slum is considered the largest sum area in Asia. The Dharavi slums were founded and build in the British ruling time in the year of 1882. Dharavi is the multi-religious, multi-ethnic and diverse and settlement. The place is located in the between the two important railways the western and the central line. The place is well known for the pottery production and small scale industries.

14. Chor Bazar

The chor bazaar is very famous. It is the marketplace of the thief’s. Where you can get all the stolen things, at a very poor rate. Is also among the most reputed and know the place for the plethora antique shop and vintage shopping. Even for just a window shopping, the chor bazaar is the best place of unique shopping in Mumbai.

15. Mahalaxmi Dhobi ghat 

This is also known to be a place of launders. The cloth gets s to be hand washed by the working dhobis around there. The large population out them consist of the dhobis. The place was founded in 1890 by the British to wash their clothes by the launders. Cloth launders make one of the quirky places to visit in Mumbai.

16. Helicopter Ride in Mumbai 

Helicopter ride in Mumbai is always a special experience. Capturing the entire view of the metro city Mumbai. Exploring Mumbai beyond the water, road surface, why not explore it via air. The helicopter ride consists of 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, up to 1 hour.  It is mandatory to carry all your valid documents too before getting into the chopper for a Mumbai view from the sky.

17. Worli Sea face 

A perfect place to hang out with your loved ones for the time being to be with your loved one and to have a wonderful view of the Worli sea face bridge. It is among of the perfect place as to visit in the monsoon season and to enjoy the sea waves rising to the door. The sea face is also an important visit place in Mumbai, which should not be missed for a visit.

18. Sanjay Gandhi national park

The national park is named in the name of the legend Sanjay Gandhi. The park is a wild park which is reserved for the large wildlife reserve protected in the northern suburbs. It’s very easily accessible to the people to visit the national park. They are a perfect place for spring and getting some valuable time with your loved ones.

19. Delta Adventure

The delta adventure is for those who are interested in being adventurous and like to spend some fun moments with their loved ones and friends. It is in located in Lonavala. It is among of the top hill station in Mumbai. The hill station covers up the beautiful view of waterfalls and exotic view of some nature gift to us. Also, some fun time with the monkeys around there.

20 . Alibag beach 

It is a wonderful beach located in Mumbai. It has its own prominence and is popular. This beach has the blackest sands. It is among of the one of the main tourist attraction place for visit with your family and your loved ones.  This is a perfect place for sightseeing and swimming.

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